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Outfit | Waiting for summer

So weather in Belgium has been good lately. Normally February is cold and grey (kinda like now). But the last couple of days it felt like summer season had already begun …

A lot of Belgian people made a trip to our Belgian coast, went outside to have some ice cream or just made long walks in the city. It’s fun to see how sunny days bring a smile to people’s faces here 🙂

And I? I made plans for drinks with my bestie in her home town, and ofcourse I let my big winter coat at home. In winter I’m almost always wearing an oversized sweater and skinny jeans. But with summer on the arrival (or at least, so it felt) I decided to go for a skirt and vintage jeans jacket. With some old school Vans ofcourse. I’m honestly in love with them, they’re just so comfy.

Are your looking forward to more sunny days as well?

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