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The 5 most romantic cities in Europe

Europe is a buzzing place that has a lot to offer to love birds. Are you seeking a romantic getaway to escape the stress we get from our busy careers? Then I’d totally recommend these 5 cities! Ready to discover Europe’s most romantic travel destinations?

Florence, Italy

The city that instantly conquered my heart is called Florence. This Italian city has everything you could wish for and more. Visit one of the many museums to discover it’s impressive Renaissance history. Florence is heaven for art buffs (hi there, David from Michelangelo!).

Or take a walk along the Ponte Vecchio together with your love. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Ah, la dolce vita.

Vienna, Austria

The capital of Austria is the perfect place for a city break along lovers. A walk through the Old City, a boat ride on the Danube or a visit to Schloss Schönbrunn, the palace of Sissi. Vienna has many romantic aspects for all you happy lovers and honeymooners! And are you a big fan of Mozart and the Opera? Then you’re definitely in the right city.

P.S. Don’t forget to taste the delicious Sachertorte. Om nom nom!

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is also a perfect travel destionation for love birds. A nice Mediterranean climate (even in the middle of winter season!), romantic faldo music in the bar and delicieus fish restaurants… The Portuguese capital has a lot to offer!

Paris, France

You didn’t really think I forgot about Paris, right? The City of Love has to be in every list of most romantic European destinations (duh!). Take a walk along the Seine, have a lovely kiss underneath the Eiffel Tower or bring a visit the oh so impressive Louvre (say hi to the Mona Lisa from me!). To say it in the words of Audrey Hepburn: “Paris is always a good idea.” And believe me, she’s right.

Venice, Italy

And last but not least in this list… Venice, of course! The Italian city of romance. Small streets to get lost in, delicious spaghetti (for your personal Lady and the Tramp moment) or a boat trip in a typical gondola. If I have to chose one favorite city, I’d chose Venice. I mean, look at it…

What’s your favorite romantic city in Europe?

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